Small group, vast adventure: a world of family holidays with Intrepid Travel 

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After more than three decades travelling responsibly and sociably around the globe; what was once a small company with big ambitions now takes travellers on thousands of trips, to over 100 countries worldwide. Dozens of which are just right for families.

Exploring the world with your children sounds wonderful. But, get right down to the practicalities of staring in awe at the Taj Mahal, trekking to Machu Picchu or stargazing in the Atacama Desert, and it’s easy to see why most families take the resort route instead.

Intrepid Travel invites you to dust off your hiking boots, revive a sense of child-like wonder, take the kids along for the ride, and let someone else take care of the planning.

Spotting Galapagos turtles, riding trains across northern India, meeting tribespeople in Borneo and learning to cook in the mountains of Kandy, are all amazing experiences. But hotel pools, beaches, and a little bit of luxe now and then, have just as much kid-appeal, and no one knows that better than Intrepid.

They offer a choice of holiday styles: Basix, Original and Comfort.

So, you can go full-on rugged with teens, tone it down for older kids, and opt for an altogether gentler way of world travel with kids as young as five.

The only part of any adventure that comes as standard with Intrepid Travel, is authenticity and excitement on a minute-by-minute basis.

How does small group travel work with Intrepid Travel?

Intrepid Travel began with two men and a van, over 30 years ago. Although they’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings. Their traveller numbers are now somewhere in the millions rather than single figures, and vans can now be anything from tuk-tuks and Chinese Junks, to luxury trains and private planes. But their formula of ‘small group, big adventure’ remains pretty much the same as it always was.

Intrepid’s average group is made up of 10 like-minded travellers, and their family breaks are designed around the kids: mindful of age groups and fitted with downtime to balance out the thrills. Light, easy-going, informal and fun is how Intrepid small group holidays feel. Kids make new friends and parents have plenty in common.

Plus, don’t forget that grandparents, aunts and uncles all count as family to Intrepid too, so they’re an excellent option for multi-generational holidays.

Long before you book, you’ll know which Intrepid holiday is right for you and your kids. All details from accommodation to local transport are taken care of, and clearly explained.

Planned activities and tours are organised down to the last little detail, but free-time is yours to do with as you please.

Remember, Intrepid group leaders are a fantastic source of helpful hints and tips too, and they’re more than happy to arrange additional ‘extracurricular’ adventures for you.

Want to meet the locals? Intrepid are welcome guests

Responsible travel is a very hot topic these days. The easier it becomes to wander the earth, the lighter everyone needs to tread. There’s a vast difference between meeting local people on their own terms, and being an uninvited tourist in someone’s life.

Intrepid Travel don’t just talk the responsible travel talk. All their tour leaders are locals in the countries you travel through. They speak your language, the local language, and often several other dialects too; a big help when it comes to organising everything. But a grassroots connection also gets you behind the scenes, introduces you respectfully to people, and makes you the best type of guest, wherever you go.

Working directly with communities and supporting local initiatives is the way Intrepid have always travelled. Their small group holidays are packed with fascinating insights into different cultures, amazing activities, jaw-dropping wonders, and incredible adventures. But you can be certain, they’re giving back more than they ever take; the definition of travelling responsibly. 

What’s more, Intrepid has also been carbon-neutral since 2010, with more 27 carbon-neutral offices worldwide (and counting). Over 1,400 of the company’s holidays are carbon-offset and The Intrepid Foundation has invested more than $5million (AUD) into grassroots projects globally. They recently raised $750,000 for their 2016 Namaste Nepal earthquake relief campaign.

Where in the world can small groups go?

In terms of global reach, it’s easier to ask where Intrepid Travel don’t go.

They safari with families in Africa. Nowhere in Europe is off limits – even in the snowy depths of winter.

Asia is well-charted territory from tiny, tucked away islands to wild jungles, spectacular cities and beautiful beaches. Intrepid travellers are welcome in South and Central America, whether they want to float through Costa Rica’s cloud forests or gaze at glaciers in Patagonia. Historic hotels, lux beach resorts, and cool boutique guesthouses, can all be options, depending on where you go.

But staying as guests in remote villages, meeting local families, experiencing different cultures, and getting close to an understanding of the world’s innumerable fascinating lifestyles, are all part of the Intrepid adventure too. Kid-shaped activity isn’t in short supply either, and comes interpreted all ways, from trekking Bengal tigers to white-knuckle thrills in Hong-Kong theme parks.

Wildlife is almost always part of the holiday wonder for children. Since conservation-conscious is the Intrepid MO, up-close with amazing creatures by land or sea always comes with a clear conscience, and more often than not, you’re helping safeguard the same unforgettable encounters for future generations.

If you’re in any doubt about the compatibility of wanderlust and wise parenting, then call 

0330 808 5410 to find out more about the delights of small group family holidays.

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