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Adventurous Andorra is open for summer and it’s a natural family playground

Last updated 7th April 2024

Andorra is over 90% nature which makes it the perfect place for a family adventure this summer. Re-set your sense of wonder and discover the magic of forests and mountains, mythical creatures, immense woodland rollercoasters and long, long ziplines. Plus the weather is warm and the views are incredible.

Andorra is inviting families to breathe some of the purest air in the world this summer. Come and introduce your kids to everything from enchanting walking trails to shy chamois. And if you think you might miss the beach, there are 80 mountain lakes in Andorra to prove you wrong.

So if this is the summer to do something different, Andorra could be exactly what you need and here are some of the reasons why.


Discover enchanting secrets on Little Magical Walks

Walk the Little Magical Trails of Andorra

You don’t have to try too hard to convince kids to walk the Macarulla or Little Magical Trails in Andorra. For a start there’s the ‘little’ part: all these paths are short, easy and circular so they couldn’t be more perfect for little legs.

But every trail is also big on child-size enchantment with names like, ‘Quela the witch’s potion’ and promises of hidden secrets which turn even a small stroll into a quest. Those secrets include games and surprises created by local craftspeople using natural materials. So as well as being a delight to discover, they’re also eco-friendly and entirely at one with the lovely Andorran landscape. Plus, once they’ve walked the walks, children can download a certificate to prove they’ve conquered the Macarulla trails.


Let kids’ imagination run wild in Andorra

Which trail would you like to try first?

  • The Menairons’ Forest takes you through the La Massana area and lets kids explore Andorra’s woods and discover the mythical creatures who may, or may not, live in them.
  • Where are the mushrooms is a route in Canillo where you and your children can see the many mushrooms which grow in Andorra.
  • Quela the witch’s potion in Escaldes-Engordany teaches kids about the legends surrounding witches in the Andorran countryside.
  • Tracks and footprints runs round Els Cortals d’Encamp and explores the habitats of animals indigenous to Andorra’s mountains. Although learning to identify their trails and prints is the most fun for young wildlife enthusiasts.

Before you head out on one of the Little Magical Trails visit a local Tourist Information Office and pick up an activity guide. Not only does it tell you where to go and how to get there, it’s packed with details about your chosen trail from what plants to look out for to insider information on local beliefs and customs.


Meeting the Tammarros

Let’s go on a Tamarro hunt

If you thought the Little Magical Trails sounded captivating, wait until you hear about the Tamarros.

Never has there been such a spellbinding way to get kids interested in conservation, caring for the environment and yes, cleaning up after themselves. The Seven Tamarros of Andorra are mischievous creatures who live in their own little world. Most things about them are a mystery, apart from the fact that they move really quickly, are very tricky to spot and have one deadly enemy, known as, ‘Dirt’!

Pick up a Tamarro Passport and win a reward

The Tamarros are on a constant mission to overcome the evil troll, Dirt. This means spending days cleaning up the Andorran mountains and countryside. They collect rubbish and make sure no animals get tangled in waste plastic or cut by bits of glass or metal. In short, they care for the beautiful landscape so everyone can enjoy it now and in the future.

We promise, kids will be entranced by the stories of the Tamarros. However, it gets better. When you’re exploring in Andorra, pick up a Tamarro passport and set young eco-warriors to work spotting the seven elusive creatures for themselves. There’s a whole fun story that goes with the hunt, and when kids have found all seven they can take their completed Tamarro passport to the nearest tourist information office and collect a reward. Happy seeking!


Likids Andorra’s kids-only thermal spa

You’re never too young for a spa break in Andorra

Kids who love water, beaches and playing will love Likids, the dedicated space just for them in Andorra’s incredible Caldea thermal spa.

Fully supervised by professional staff, Likids children don’t need their parents along for the experience. While you’re off enjoying some thermal soothing of your own, they’ll be having fun in the gorgeous, shallow lagoon or chilling in the sauna-lounge and jacuzzi. There’s even a beauty and fitness area, as well as a beach, complete with dunes.

Introduce kids to yoga and the art of relaxation

We can’t think of a better introduction to well-being for 3 to 8 year olds. However, Likids doesn’t limit itself to spa treatments. There are activities and workshops for kids, which cover everything from basic yoga to guided relaxation. And during summer, there’s also a regular Children’s Show as part of the laid-back fun.


Mon(t) Magic Tirolina Zipline, Andorra

Try one of Europe’s longest ziplines

At more than half-a-kilometre long, the Mon(t) Màgic zipline is one of the biggest in Europe. If you dare, you’ll find it in Mon(t) Màgic Family Park in Canillo. This amazing park is open from June to October and the perfect place to discover how sunny and bright Andorra is during the summer. Lovely weather aside, it’s also home to some incredible experiences your kids will love – you too probably.


Picking up bungee basics at Mon(t) Magic, Andorra

What will you adventure on first?

    • The Mon(t) Màgic zipline is 550m long and super-fast. In fact it reaches speeds of up to 50kmph, which at a height of 40m is an unbelievable rush.
    • Another in-nature white-knuckler, the Màgic Gliss is the toboggan run of your life. With 550-metres of downhill stretches and 180-metres uphill, it’s a giddying experience that will really test everyone’s nerve: in a fun way!
    • If Màgic Gliss simple isn’t thrilling enough, try the Màgic Gliss 3D Experience. It’s exactly the same adrenalin-pumping ride, only wearing a 3D headset, so the whole experience is amplified beyond kids’ wildest imaginings. Just be aware: one ride will not be enough on this particular thriller.
    • Bigairbag is perfect for wannabe daredevils as you can pick the height of your jump on to the giant inflatable airbag. That means kids can start off small at the beginning of the holiday and work their way up to a major leap at the end. Alternatively, they could just go straight for the top, it’s phenomenal either way.
    • For bungee-curious kids, Acrojump is great way to give it a go without too much terror. Strapped to bungee cords, they can bounce a little or jump as high as they like and work out for themselves if they have a taste for the real thing.

A head start for kids at Pal Arinsal Bike Park

Mountain biking begins early in Andorra

Kids as young as three can start mountain biking at Pal Arinsal Bike Park in Andorra. The Bike School here is a confidence-building, safe and fun environment for them to pick up the basics and probably develop a passion for life. Group and individual lessons are also available and the school organises programmes designed just for children.

Great for lessons and going it alone too

Dedicated beginner’s practice areas mean even the youngest riders have a chill space to brush up on their skills. And for the slightly more advanced, there’s a range of blue and green circuits to test new found abilities.

However, it’s not all about lessons, the Bike School is big on kids doing their own thing too: which is really what mountain biking is all about after all. So if children aren’t in training they can be in the Fun Zone. There they get to try out dirt tracks at the Kids Bike Park and flex a little on the modular, asphalt Pump Track.


Tobotronic Alpine rollercoaster at Naturland

Ride the world’s longest Alpine toboggan in Andorra

Naturland is stunning, it has incredible views of the Pyrenees, wildlife to admire and hectare upon hectare of wonderful green forest. However, if kids aren’t impressed enough by the scenery, this vast park is also home to the world’s longest Alpine toboggan.

Scenery that’s almost as thrilling as the ride

The Tobotronc comes with maximum wow-factor, because not only is it long, it’s designed like a rollercoaster, but one that runs for 5.3km! Think that’s astounding? Wait till you experience the thrilling 400m descent. And, if you dare open your eyes, Tobotronc hurtles through some pretty magical forest too.

Apart from that white-knuckle legend, Naturland is also home to the brand new Forest Line which lets kids fly through the treetops on Andorra’s only curved zipline.


Sky high thrills at Tree Adventure

Will you dare to take the treetop challenge?

Majestic forests of soaring pine trees are just one of the many natural wonders in Andorra. But don’t content yourself with staring up at the giants, get up to the top instead and take a look around.

The incredible Tree Adventure is exhilarating, daring and rewarding. And this summer kids can try it at not one, but three stunning parks in Andorra. Choose between Segudet Adventura Park, Pal Arinsal Mountain Park or the Engolostars Adventure Forest. Or better still, give them all a go.

Professional guides make the adventure fun and safe

Supervised by professional mountain guides, the Tree Adventure lets children age 7 and over (along with an adult) traverse the forest at heights of more than10-metres. The fun level is high as well. That’s thanks to monkey bridges and hanging ropes, Tibetan bridges, wooden platforms, rope swings and even a climbing wall. Time to climb into the trees and admire the view? Just take your pick of parks, and don’t forget your daring!


Spectacular views on The Iron Route

Forge a deeper sense of Andorra on The Iron Route

Look forward to magnificent scenery, fresh and clean air, as well as endless natural playgrounds in Andorra. But take a closer look at a different side of its history too. Follow The Iron Route into the heart of the past. Then discover a legacy of forges, mining and steel works, along with creative contemporary art inspired by this heritage.

What not to expect is a dull take on the coal industry. Instead, families are the focus of places like the Farga Rossell Forge – Iron Interpretation Centre and the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum. So it’s more like an adventure than a dry history lesson. Plus, young explorers can seek out the source of uniquely Pyrenean water, which actually tastes like iron.


Escaping outdoors at Andorra Escapeland

Discover the 468km² Escape Room of your kids’ dreams

Have you tried an Escape Room yet? If not, we can confirm they’re a lot of fun and older kids love them. Although not as much as they’ll love Andorra’s take on the concept.

Breaking out of the confines of a room and re-creating the ‘escape’ experience across 468km² is a bold move, and it works. Andorra Escapeland covers seven different areas of Andorra and Pas de la Casa. Each has a different theme that’s very specific to the location’s character, history, landscape and traditions. Although, they all have one thing in common: excitement.

Puzzle your way through eight difference games

The depths of forests and out in the wilds are all incorporated into eight different and challenging puzzle games. All the clues are there, you just have to work together to work them out which makes them fantastic experiences for a family holiday. Plus – whisper it – kids will learn a lot too.

Plan your summer in Andorra

Where is Andorra

A small, independent principality, Andorra lies in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.

How to get there

Direct UK flights to Barcelona take from 2 hours, 5 minutes.

Andorra is 2 hours, 30 minutes from Barcelona by car.

Start your summer adventure at Visit Andorra and @andorraworld social networks for everything you need to help plan a family holiday with your kids.